The 3rd Annual Meeting for Whole-Organism Science Society
Joint Meeting with
The 12th Annual Meeting of Whole Cell Project

Call for Papers

Abstract Submission

abstract template file (Word file)
abstract template file (PDF file)

1. Prepare your abstract as a Microsoft Word document (.docx) and mail it to as a PDF attachment. If Word is not available, please contact us (

2. Check your submitted abstract, which will be on the website. Please contact us, if revision of the abstract is necessary (

3. Send the registration form with the abstract. The form is downloadable from the registration page on the website.

Abstract Submission Deadline;    September 3, 2013 (Tue)(registration was closed)
Registration Deadline;    September 20, 2013 (Fry)(registration was closed)

Presentation of Papers

All abstracts will each be presented as a poster in principle (oral presenters must also each present a poster). A ninety-second poster preview (no question and answer period) will be held on the first day of the meeting. Use the template file to prepare your abstract, and send it as a PDF file.

Those who wish to make an oral presentation must indicate so with a circle in the relevant section of the registration form.

Poster board size: 170 cm high and 115 cm wide
Posters will be displayed throughout the session for information exchange and deep communication.

Poster preview

Each poster presenter will have a ninety-second poster preview session (no question and answer period). You may use PowerPoint for preview.


template.docx (Word file)
template.pdf (pdf file of above file)
Do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any problem (

Call for Papers

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